Monday, October 12, 2009

Smart Bathrooms part one Showers

Are you thinking of renovating or remodeling your tired bathroom? If so here are some ideas to think about before you do your project. Boomers, families with young children, and Seniors should consider elements of Universal design in their new bathroom. It not only yields very beautiful results, but is very practical. It will give you ample circulation space, organization, convenience and other design essentials for your needs and style.
No-curb or low-curb showers are a design highlight in bathrooms today. The floors are slightly sloped to the drain and present no tripping obstacles and can be entered on wheels. A built in bench or folding seat, a handheld shower spray on a vertical slide bar, integrated soap compartments, and well placed grab bars make a shower safe, and luxurious washing place. Here, as elsewhere in the bathroom, pressure-balancing valves keep hot water temperatures safe, and nonskid flooring prevents slips. At Dr. Fix-It we know how to design and build safe, sumptuous bathrooms. We have built and designed over three hundred. Visit us at to see our work and to contact us. We are reliable, dependable and get the job done to your satisfaction. Call 781-598-5437 for more information.