Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall Prevention and installion of Grab bars

Fall prevention is so important to the healthy lives of those over 65. One in three older adults fall in the US each year. Out of those three, one of them will fall again within six months. Every 18 seconds an older adult gets treated in the emergency room due to a fall and every 35 minutes someone dies as a result of their injury.

At Dr. Fix-It we understand the importance of safety and preventing falls in the home. Preventing and protecting yourself against a fall is important to maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle. Grab bars are a must. They come in all sizes and shapes, they don't need to look institutional at all. By having grab bars it will allow for easy maneuverability and give safety to people of all ages.

Grab bars are very important in the bathroom to help get in and out of the bath or shower to prevent slipping. Having a grab bar vertically on the outside of the shower helps to get into the shower and having horizontal and vertical grab bars in the tub are most important. They are also useful by the toilet for easy access. Having a railing system in hallways are helpful if walking or dizziness is a problem. Grab bars are also helpful at the top of a staircase.

Grab bars are safety supports only if they are installed accurately, at the correct height and into the proper structural elements to provide maximum safety. They are designed to bear the entire weight of the person. They offer stability in the home.

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